scuba diving turtle image

turtle while scuba diving in tobago cays

Fab Safaris differs from your average scuba diving trip in the fact we are free to conduct all our dives on our catamaran allowing us to explore some of the remotest diving areas the Caribbean has to offer. At Fab Safaris we have a range of diving courses fully certified by PADI run by our fully qualified on board instructor. Safety is our top priority and in case of an emergency Vaza Vezo has the required equipment.
6 full sets of scuba diving equipment are available for hire and we also carry spare snorkels, masks and fins.

dive caribbean rays image

Eagle ray spotted while scuba diving

On Board Vaza Vezo we are equipped with two Bauer Junior II Compressors, one electric and the other diesel. We carry sixteen aluminium 12 litre tanks onboard in our customised dive tank racks.


scuba diving with ray image

scuba diving in the grenadines

The water temperature usually ranges between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius in the areas that we operate in. We recommend a 3mm wetsuit for use on the expedition. Whether you use a short or a long wetsuit is entirely up to you, however people at the site during the austral winter usually prefer long suits (while for those attending during the austral summer a shorty is normally sufficient). Depending on the weather, conditions, and time of year, underwater visibility generally varies between 10 and 30m.

caribbean diving wreck image

scuba diving on ship wreck in the grenadines

Depending on local weather and sea conditions, you should be able to complete on average two dives per day. However this is only a guide, and depends on local conditions and your personal choice.

We are a project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility Education) coral watch dive operation. As a coral watch dive operator we regularly monitor coral reefs and submit the data to provide critical information on coral bleaching and other serious health issues.

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this research project then it will be possible aboard.