San Blas Islands

9° 34′ 12″ N,  78° 49′ 12″ W

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Island vaza

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island palms

Protected by a large reef the islands are a great cruising ground, island hopping from one beautiful sandy beach to the other in just an hour means that you can really make the most of your time here. The archipelago is surrounded by the Kuna Yala mountain range: solitaire anchorages facing a deserted island with a background of mountains covered by primary forests – perfect!

Home to the indigenous Kuna Indians, San Blas – or ‘Kuna Yala’ as the natives call it – was established in 1938 as an autonomous Indian territory and the region of Kuna Yala, with its simple beauty, its generous people and its exceptional primary forests, offers a great escape from mass tourism.

Whether you are planning your trip with a group of friends, the family or a romantic get away for two we can tailor your sailing package to suit you. We will plan the days activities with you and whether you want to have a blast windsurfing or kitesurfing, explore the islands by kayak and snorkel the reefs………. take in some

local culture and visit a traditional Kuna village………….  or simply relax, lie back in our hammocks and soak up the   sun – its up to you!

The Kuna Indians

Living true to their traditions brings a certain beauty to these islands with their thatched roof huts made from materials found in the nearby jungle

Most women continue to dress as their ancestors did –  their faces adorned with a black line painted from the forehead to the tip of their nose with a gold ring worn

through the septum They wear the traditional dress of wrap around skirts and blouses customised with their hand made “molas”. Another striking feature are the long strands of tiny colourful beads that are wrapped around their legs from ankle to        knee, along with printed headscarf and bold jewlery to complete the outfit.

The men are born fishermen! History tells that the Kunas flourished on the archipelago due to the abundance of fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, crab and octopus and that still appears to be true today with ‘the catch of the day’ making a regular apperance on your menu aboard Vaza Vezo.