Perhaps no other destination in the world can offer the range of beautiful islands, clear water and ideal sailing conditions than the Caribbean.

Fab Safaris offer kitesurfing on board Vaza Vezo to competent kite surfers who own their own equipment and can kite up wind.  Our catamaran is an ideal platform for kitesurfing charter holidays as we are able to reach remote, shallow locations and have enough space to allow people to rig and get prepared easily and in comfort

The Caribbean is blessed with consistently good moderate to strong breezes from the NE combined with beautiful locations. Typical wind ranges are 16 – 25 kts of breeze, near perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

The trade winds typically start to pick up in December with what is known locally as the Christmas Winds, these trade winds generally continue until the start of the hurricane season, June. From June -November is the offical hurricane season when the wind dies and the sea becomes calmer which makes it ideal for scuba diving.

Launching is possible from both the catamaran and beaches. For safety of course we have our 12 foot rib with 25hp on standby if and when necessary

Check out our videos page for footage on Kitesurfing in The Grenadines and Red Bull Panama kitesurfing session.