General Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips while you are on holiday in the Caribbean:

Centipede/Scorpion Bites

Not lethal, the severity and degree of discomfort depends on an individual sensitivity. If there is any doubt, a doctor should be seen, especially if a child has been bitten.

Coconut Palms

Never leave a baby or a smal child beneath a cocunut palm beacuse of the possibility of falling coconuts.


Avoid contact with Manchileel trees or fruit as the fruit is poisonous and the sap from trees can cause blisters to the skin.

Mosquitoes and Sandflies

People with sensitive skin may be botheres. There are many repellents to prevent bites.

Sea Urchins

A black sea egg with long black spines. If the spines are protruding form your skin then you can carefully try to remove them, but if they are beneath the skin do not try to pick them out as this could cause infection. If you leave them in your skin they will eventually dissolve. To be safe soak with vinegar or some form of antiseptic.


Use plenty of sun cream as even on a cloudy day the suns rays are still very strong and can cause painful sun burn and even dehydration.

Whilst enjoying a great holiday in the Caribbean, a bit of caution can avoid simple injuries and allow you to have a pleasant vacation.